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When I’m Bad, I’m Better. Out Today!

Well, well, well. Guess whose new book is FINALLY out for purchase today? MINE!

I’m so excited! If you haven’t already, get a kindle or paperback copy from Amazon, order a book from Barnes & Noble or check your preferred online source.

If you are a fan of deadly, sexy, suspenseful and romantic urban life stories…you won’t be disappointed! If you purchase, please leave a review and feel free to chat with me about it. I love to connect with my readers!

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Follow these 4 cousins as they try to hurdle the sins of their past & present before their lives are ruined. They say good girls finish last…but when they’re bad, they’re better!

Valerie’s just recovered from a career ending accident when her fiancé adds insult to injury by cheating on her with her closest relative. Devastated, angry, and now financially strapped, she’s ready to break all the rules…or is she?

Yasmin’s a successful attorney whose failing marriage has left a void that only a side romance has been able to fill. When a crime unexpectedly turns her life upside down, decisions will have to be made…or they’ll be made for her.

Vanessa’s an aspiring singer who’s tired of living in the shadow of her identical twin’s success. She’s not getting any younger, success doesn’t come cheap and fame costs!

Amina’s a beautiful bombshell who uses what she’s got to get what she wants; but she’s harboring seedy secrets that are anything but pretty. As skeletons begin to resurface, she needs them dead and buried…before she is.

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