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Sisterly Love: Love Hurts 1 (A short story)

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Description: While Jaylynn is visiting her sister Mya and her philandering ex NBA star husband Lance’s estate, the envious sister wants to see more than just the sites. Mya is living the life that Jaylynn has only dreamed of living, and Lance might be just the fool to give it to her.

Disclaimer: *contains strong language and explicit sex*

As an author, I am in many reader and book club groups on social media. Today, I was challenged by the EyeCU Reading bookclub to write a short story. Now, I haven’t written a short story since college, which is probably longer than some of you may have been alive, but I accepted the challenge.

Admittedly, I am not a fast writer. It takes me longer than most readers like to publish a book, and longer than I would like to finish writing one. That being said, I was excited about this challenge, and I surprised myself by finishing it in a matter of hours. I titled it “Sisterly Love: Love Hurts 1” because, “Love Hurts” has become a featured tagline of mine and I’m thinking about publishing a series of short stories in the near future. Hence, the #1.

Without further ado, I hope you’ll enjoy this short story.

Sisterly Love: Love Hurts 1

I admired my sparkling neck and ears in the venetian-style mirror hanging above the dresser with a Cheshire cat’s grin. The jewels adorning them probably cost more than everything I owned combined, and I bet my older sister hadn’t worn any of them more than once.

“What are you doing?” Lance’s baritone questioned behind me.

“Oh my God!” I turned with a start. My hand clutching one scantily clad breast in surprise. “I thought you went with Mya and the girls to her best friend’s wedding.” I lied.

His brow raised suspiciously as he stood at the threshold between the bathroom and the connecting master with a towel tied around his waist. My eyes drank every droplet of water on his glistening chest before coyly fixing on his cautious, but chiseled face. My sister had all the luck. A rich husband fresh out of the NBA, two beautiful kids, and anything her heart desired with the simple swipe of an Amex. My life was about to get an instant upgrade too if everything went my way.

“Nah. I’m playing in a charity ballgame tonight, so I couldn’t go. I thought you left to go back to Miami already.”

I shrugged, posturing so the nipples on my perky double D’s in the spaghetti strapped half shirt struggling to harness them, could only be missed by a blind man.

“I was. But I decided to stay a couple more days. My friend invited me to go to a party with her at T.I.’s house. You know I gotta go to that. I was just looking through Mya’s jewelry for something to wear with my outfit. She won’t mind. Sisters share.”