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When I'm Bad, I'm Better by K.F. Johnson

When I'm Bad, I'm Better

by K.F. Johnson

Giveaway ends February 28, 2016.

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New Release December 31, 2015!



If you are a fan of deadly, sexy, suspenseful & romantic urban life stories... this book is for you!

Follow these 4 cousins as they try to hurdle the sins of their past & present before their lives are ruined. They say good girls finish last…but when they're bad, they're better!

Valerie's just recovered from a career ending accident when her fiancé adds insult to injury by cheating on her with her closest relative. Devastated, angry, and now financially strapped, she’s ready to break all the rules...or is she?

Yasmin's a successful attorney whose failing marriage has left a void that only a side romance has been able to fill. When a crime unexpectedly turns her life upside down, decisions will have to be made...or they'll be made for her.

Vanessa's an aspiring singer who's tired of living in the shadow of her identical twin's success. She's not getting any younger, success doesn’t come cheap and fame costs!

Amina's a beautiful bombshell who uses what she’s got to get what she wants; but she’s harboring seedy secrets that are anything but pretty. As skeletons begin to resurface, she needs them dead and buried...before she is.  

   Coming SOON in 2016!


What I'd Do For Love


Greer Patterson always felt like an outsider. Loathed by her step mother and half siblings for being the fair skinned product of her black father's affair with a white woman; she's never truly felt loved by anyone but her father and her husband Michael.

Upon discovering that the love of her life hasn't been staying true to his vows however; Greer decides to take matters into her own bloody hands. Now, after sending her husband to his untimely death, she starts to feel something she's never felt before...powerful.

Greer's got a new found confidence and the freedom, if she can stay out of jail, to find a new man. Except this time, she's determined not to let anything or anyone stand in the way of true love again!