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Yes authors write, but you’d better speak too if you want to sell books!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Ok so I finally finished my masterpiece book BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, published it, uploaded the eBook to, and prepared my paperback book for distribution through Great! Now I’ll automatically start selling 1000’s of books right? Wrong!

Maybe the best thing you’ve ever said is written inside the pages of your new book; but, besides publishing your book and posting links on your facebook, linkedin or website, you’ll get the best “word of mouth” press via words from YOUR MOUTH.

Sure blog site interviews are great, and needed to promote your book; but readers often connect best with their authors when they can hear you talk about yourself and the book. People don’t always have time to read an entire blog or visit and read long articles on a website.  In this multitasking day and age of the quick and the fast, you need to be able to get and hold your target readers attention…and maybe even your non-target reader.

Why? Because you may make a connection with one or more readers by revealing details that aren’t included in your bio, the book description, or anywhere else. If you can create a good report with your audience, you can make a loyal reader and promoter of your works in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, you can lose a fan base just as quickly if your interviews, synopsis’s and/or speaking engagements leave everyone snoring or trying to understand your points between the “uh’s” and “umm’s.”

1. Practice answering questions in mock interviews with a friend. Make yourself comfortable with discussing your book and yourself so that you can confidently and comfortably market.

2. Encourage book clubs to (local if you can’t travel) to have you as a guest when they read your book for the month. It will help to create a stronger more personal bond with your readers while you become acclimated to marketing your book.

3. If you can nail a radio, tv, or online radio/blogger interview, DO IT! You’ll get lots of exposure and your name, as well as the books name will become synonymous.

4. Get in touch with other authors who may be able to give you tips on the do’s and don’t’s when verbally promoting your book. Who better to teach than the teacher?

5. Have as many book signings as possible. Whether it’s a huge turn out, or  a small turn out, any turn out is an opportunity to win and/or gain a loyal fan. You’ll be talking to dozens of strangers who have come to support you and your book so the least you can do is be warm, articulate and confident. If anyone should be enthusiastic about your book, it should be YOU.

Good luck!

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