What I'd Do For Love 2

Available September 30 2020!

Greer Patterson is back after narrowly escaping death by the hands of a trusted loved one and she's MADDER than ever! In every sense of the word. Now, she's awakened with a renewed hunger for punishment and retribution. Realizing that it's no longer simply the love of her new beau that requires protection, the span of her scope has been vastly extended. If you thought you knew what crazy in love looked like before, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

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A Bit About Me

I’m just a Queens girl living in an ATL world. Penning deadly, romantic & suspenseful reads that will keep you up late reading long past your bedtime. Visit my bio page for more about me.

“It would be a scary, overpopulated world if people only died of natural causes. So, even though their reasons may be flawed, I like to think of  some of my more violent characters as agents of  population control.”

K.F. Johnson

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