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OMG Authors, hold on to your bookcases, I know some FREE software that could make your life so much

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

One of the reasons it took me nearly 10 years to write my book BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by K.F. Johnson, is because I began writing my novel in MS Word and when I needed to make corrections, find information, changes, reorganize scenes, expound on characters, etc., it was SO TIME CONSUMING and sometimes confusing. I often wished I had a FREE software that would help me organize scenes, thoughts, characters, notes, etc. to make life easier; so I googled it and POOF!

I found yWriter: Some great person created this extremely user friendly writing software that let’s you organize your entire book by Chapter, Scene, Characters, Locations, etc. It can export to Word, Html publishing, and keeps your information in a word document by scene. It’s definitely a life save for people who  may be writing over long periods of time and have frequent memory lapses like I do.

I also found Audacity: Perfect Free software for anyone writing an audio book (which I’m in the process of doing now. It’s user friendly, but I did need to look at some “How To” videos on Youtube for some things. Once you record your audio book, you can export it to mp3’s and publish that next on the list!

Lastly, I discovered Dragon Naturally Speaking: This software is NOT free; however, I have just started using it to begin the sequel to BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and I LOVE IT! I’m sure you can get it for various cheaper prices on eBay, Amazon, or somewhere like that, but the going rate for it is $99. This allows you to dictate to everything on your computer (yWriter5, FB, Twitter, Word, Outlook, etc.) instead of typing it. I’m finding that it’s making it easier for me to maintain realism in my writing by speaking it as I think it, is good practice for when I do the audio version of it. I can’t rave about it enough.

Good luck!

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