“Liar’s Ball” Book Trailer!


Sex, lies and danger never read so good! Delve into this sequel to the 2012 romantic suspense bestseller Behind Closed Doors and discover the new lies and deceit plaguing the lives of these siblings; only this time, they’ve got a new addition to their already dysfunctional family. Brenda and Brian Andrews seem to be on the road to happiness with their new found relationships, but trouble has a way of finding these two sexually charged siblings no matter how hard they try to avoid it. With the introduction of their half-brother Julian in the mix there’s enough scandal and mayhem to spread around. Now, not only do their closest friends have front row seats to the chaos, but they’re also entangled in it. Continue this sizzling and scandalous journey with the Andrews family and their clan for a read you won’t want to put down!


Available in paperback and FREE with the Kindle Unlimited plan on Amazon.com 


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