K.F. Johnson Showcases DEMISE OF THE VAMPIRE QUEEN by Jodie Pierce

Demise of the Vampire Queen

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  1. Author: Jodie Pierce

  2. Book Title: Demise of the Vampire Queen

  3. Genre: Paranormal, vampire, romance

  4. Publisher: Eternal Press

  5. Release Date: November 8, 2012

  6. Description: The Queen is once again ruling her subjects only this time it is a school for the ‘different’ children in Scotland. A school full of vampires, witches, warlocks, elves and fairies, one that is feared and hated by all who attend. A new group of witches and warlocks show up to her gates and cause all kinds of havoc within the school. Vampires and witches are at odds and only a few can see the survival of the school. An ancient lover and the Queen are reunited but at what costs? A new, as well as an old lover unite to attempt to take the Queen off her throne. Will it work? Will the Queen maintain her horrendous rule over the students? Can the spells woven work and change history?

  7. Links for purchase: 

Amazon.com,  www.thevampirequeen1.blogspot.com

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3 Questions for the Author:

  1. What inspired you to write your latest book? I had the first two book written and decided I wanted to be able to say I wrote I trilogy. The third book ties up a lot from the first and second books.

  2. What is the best thing about being an author? I like that I am able to be as silly and creative as I want and the more creative I am the better.

  3. What’s your ultimate goal for your career? To be a best-selling novelist of course or at least make some money doing it and having fun in the process.

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