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Is procrastinating and self doubt stunting your success?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Three years ago I was a few months away from turning 40 years old. I was about to OFFICIALLY be OLD! Of course, like a lot of people when you start feeling like you’re getting old, I started thinking about all of the things in life I wanted to do but didn’t and should have accomplished but hadn’t.

I’ve been writing stories since I was a little girl. I wrote stories like the one about “The mouse family adventures” along with full illustrations by yours truly in elementary school, all the way through to fantasy stories about me marrying Ralph Tresvant from the group New Edition in Junior High. In High School my imagination evolved into stories about dangerous relationships, murderous stories and seemingly happy stories that ended with a not so happy twist. In addition to reading books by Judy Blume, Terry McMillan, and Omar Tyree, you can probably thank my love for True Crime books, V.C. Andrews and anything Stephen King for my twisted writing style and stories.

After graduation, I developed a story about a brother and sister who grew up in a dysfunctional family and the crazy things they did as adults along with promiscuous and murderous twists. It was taking me FOREVER to complete though because life kept happening and I wasn’t motivated to change my procrastinating ways. That is, UNTIL 2012 when the NAUGHTY FORTIES started knocking at my door.

In 2012, I finally finished writing my book and just wanted an easy way to share it with friends. So, I googled it, saw how easy it was to publish a book, and went through the process to uploaded my book to AMAZON. Unbeknownst to my naive mind, EVERYBODY with access to AMAZON also had access to read my book Behind Closed Doors and guess what? A LOT OF PEOPLE LIKED IT!

Not only were my friends and relatives giving me kudos for my writing, but so were strangers! Who knew that simply finishing what I started and ignoring doubt would not only result in self fulfillment but some pretty awesome accolades and a little bit of profitability too?

Now granted, I did have to go back and have my book edited, because expectations are higher when you know “the whole world” might be reading your work rather than just the people you know. Still, 2012 turned out to be one of the best years of my life and it’s the one where I OFFICIALLY became a published AUTHOR.

I’ve hit #1 and other high-ranking #’s on Amazon charts multiple times since then with both Behind Closed Doors and with my last 2014 release Liar’s Ball. I’ve been a guest author on many blog radio shows, had my books chosen as the book of the month for a number of book clubs and am in the process of penning my 3rd book for a late 2015 release as I type this.

Sooo…what does all of this have to do with you and procrastination stunting your success you ask? EVERYTHING!!!

You may not have heard of K.F. Johnson the author prior to reading this, visited my official website or read either of my previously released books, but I am still a success! Books I’ve written have been read by scores of people I don’t know but have enjoyed my writing (okay some haven’t enjoyed it but do they really count? Not really…LOL). Do you know why? Because there are THOUSANDS of books on AMAZON that have been read by fewer people than you have fingers and whose authors have an even bleaker presence. The fact that you’re reading this blog post right now is a testament to THAT now isn’t it?

So…the moral of the story is, don’t let fear, doubt or procrastination prevent you from being who you want to be or accomplishing what you desire to accomplish. I did something I loved, shared it and received love, success and recognition for it in return. YOU can do the same thing!

Good luck!

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