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Is it snitchin’ if the crime was committed against you?

Let’s talk tea about “Snitchin”.Okay so in today’s #NotThatImportantNews, LAPD says the investigation into who robbed Chris Brown’s home last July is stalled because Chris has been avoiding answering any questions and giving details about the crime. Now reportedly, his aunt was held at gunpoint during this burglary and they got away with a lot of cash and other expensive stuff. Why isn’t he cooperating you ask? Because of that old street mantra, “Snitches get Stitches.” Really Chris?

First off, how is it snitching when you were the victim of the crime unless you were involved in it too? Bruh, they held your aunt at gunpoint. Maybe when you’re rich enough that stolen items don’t matter much and you can just move in a heartbeat from a burglarized home, you can afford to keep your lips zipped. Word is that the thieves were probably “used to be” friends of his, and maybe he’s got some fear in his heart about being touched if he gives info on them. I don’t know.

Anyway…getting off of Chris Brown specifically, this begs the general question of, “Is it snitchin’ if the crime was committed against you?”


  1. You’ve been shot but not mortally and you recognize the shooter.

  2. Your ex sees you out with a new boo and they vandalize your car

If your answer is “Yes it is snitching even when you’re the victim,” then when, if ever, is it okay to snitch on somebody who committed a crime?

What say you?

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