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Is Hollywood shuffling their feet?

Let’s talk tea about Hollywood. In the wake of the claims against Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others, do you think the usual hierarchy privileges are going to change in Hollywood? I mean, let’s be honest. Some of the people who are being named as of late already had a reputation for being Hollywood sleaze balls anyway and “the casting couch” phrase was coined because of this knowledge.

Being a million dollar grossing director, actor or Hollywood big wig virtually stamped every deviants pervert pass to use their status and clout to get lesser known or powerful people to do their bidding. Peeps from various Hollywood pariah’s such as Courtney Love and Corey Feldman were brushed under the rug, even though many industry people knew their claims were real or at least rumored by others.

Soooo what do you think this means for the future of Hollywood honchos now that people are coming out of the wood works with claims from as long as 30 years ago about their immoral behavior? I’m sure every actor, director, producer and CEO that EVER used their status to “get laid” or try to, is shuffling their feet right now, or shaking in their boots.

Should how long ago something allegedly happened or whether they were high or intoxicated be considered in determining a recourse? Since most allegations will amount to a matter of he says, she says at this point, what’s to stop anyone with a vendetta from making up an occurrence for revenge? What should be proper compensation or retribution for people who are believed to have been victimized?

What’s your take on this latest news?




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