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I’m experiencing “Writer’s Book Marketing Block” Suggestions anyone?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Okay so typically, since I’ve published my book Behind Closed Doors, I have been blogging about the creative process and given some insight into the marketing, writing and publishing experiences I’ve gained. But today, I have what I am calling “Writer’s Book Marketing Block.”

My book was steady in Amazon’s top 100 in its genre for the past 6 months since I published it, but as it gets older, I’ve found that I’m running out of new marketing ideas, which I’m sure is affecting the amount of exposure and thus the number of book sales. NOT GOOD!

So today, instead of blogging advice or chronicling suggestions to others, I’m soliciting advice from the bloggisphere: What are your suggestions for free or inexpensive book promotions & marketing for a self published, suspenseful, urban drama genre’d (yes I know genre’d is not a TRUE word but I’m using it anyway) book that is 6 months old? Suggestions anyone?

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