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Does anybody know you’re making author appearances? 5 Press Release Recommendations!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

One of the biggest concerns as an author when I’m going to do a book signing, make an appearance, or be involved in any event that will require people to show up is…”Is anybody going to show up?”

What if you promote on twitter, facebook, your website, Goodreads, LinkedIn, and only a handful or a scarce amount of people show up? It’s a possibility.

The fact is, that no matter where you promote, or how much you promote, you still may not have as many readers, fans, supporters, or any of the other various names you can call people you’re already connected  with show up. What you need is A PRESS RELEASE!

What your PRESS RELEASE should include:

  1. What, When, Why, Who, Where-Be specific but brief.

  2. Make sure you interesting tidbits to add appeal to your release.

  3. Contact information and links to your website

5 Press Release Recommendations:

  1. Only use a press release when you have something news worthy to promote. Don’t waste your time or journalists time trying to get publicity for unimportant occurrences.

  2. Do it yourself! Go to the websites for the top radio, t.v. and newspapers in your city and search for links to submit your press release to under “Contact Us”, “Local Events” or “Press Release” sections.

  3. If you have money to burn, you can use places like and and pay them to submit your press releases to local stations and newspapers for you with verified email confirmations.

  4. Don’t use the free press release sites who only post your information to their website. Yes it will help as far as google searches, but what good is a press release if it’s not released anywhere for your target audience to see?

  5. Link your Press Releases to all of your social media sites and your own website to increase your exposure.

Good luck!

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