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Authors, is your book and author information linked in to your LinkedIn account?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

As with every day since I’ve released my book BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by K.F. Johnson, I’m always looking for new ways to promote the book and grab new readers. If you’re like me, most authors are still working a 9-5 to bring home the bacon, so you probably have a LinkedIn account…right? Maybe? If not, get one!

Well guess what? Your business colleagues probably read too. I know some people on my job bought my book strictly on the premise that they liked me and/or thought BEHIND CLOSED DOORS sounded interesting.

That got me thinking that I should include my published works in my LinkedIn profile as well since it is an occupation I currently hold…right? Right! So I edited my profile and added all of my author/book details to it, my author’s website:, and started joining all of the author/writer/book groups as well. Winning!

This morning, I received a message from a friend that advised I add my Amazon reading list to my profile as well. Huh? I didn’t even know you could do that. DONE! Then she also mentioned adding my WordPress blog to it. What? I didn’t know you could do that either. DONE!

Now, in addition to my actual work history and the business contact I’ve made in my daily profession, I’ve also incorporated the product of the career I want to replace my daily profession one day…AUTHOR! I now have a network for both professions meshing, which could be beneficial across the board, and only succeeds in getting you more press for your book! (Or your daytime job if you ever need a new one)

So, in closing:

1. Get a LinkedIn account if you don’t already have one.

2. Add your WordPress blog, your Amazon reading list, and even your Goodreads list if there’s an app for it to your LinkedIn account. (I haven’t been able to find a Goodreads app for LinkedIn yet though)

Good Luck!

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