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Authors! Could GOODREADS.COM be the key to getting your GOOD READ advertised?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

If you love to read books and/or are an author, you are probably a member of right? If not, you need to go ahead and sign up right now. It’s basically a facebook for readers and writers and if I’m not mistaken, Amazon has recently purchased them and has some sort of link with marketing.

Anyhoo, Goodreads is where you can find a plethora of readers over every genre you can imagine and you will have access to them at your finger tips for free and paid advertising. Not to mention the access you and your readers will have to interact in addition to your other social media links. Here’s a few tips on how to use to help advertise your books and connect to your reading audience.

  1. Create your author profile and post/link everything that markets your books and you as an author to that page. 1000’s of readers will now have access to see what you’ve published and what you talk about. You can post videos, links to your youtube channel, author website, book trailers, social media pages, whatever!

  2. Create a free book giveaway contest! Good reads will advertise that you’re giving away your book to however many people you notate (1, 2, 3 or whatever # you choose). Then they set up the promotions and you will get hundreds of entries just to win a free book because people LOVE to win free stuff. This can in turn get you new readers who are interested in the book even if they don’t win it based on what they’ve read in the description and who may add your book to their reading list anyway. Win Win! I can certainly testify that each book I did this with garnered a ton of new readers.

  3. Try paid advertising. You set the budget and what wording you want to be promoted with your books. If Goodreads approves, they will market it to readers who are specific to your genre, specific to authors you feel have your core audience’s eyes, tag words, or all of them. You select who to target and how much you’re willing to pay for the advertisements.

  4. Easy access to book reviewers and to connect with other authors, some of whom you may admire yourself. It never hurts to collaborate with other authors and learn from their mistakes and/or successes. Build your network!

I hope these brief tips help you in some way the way they helped me!

Anyway, keep a look out for my book WHEN I’M BAD I’M BETTER coming out this fall and feel free to purchase either of my previous releases BEHIND CLOSED DOORS & LIAR’S BALL on!

Good luck!

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