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5 Ways To Successfully Advertise and Market Your Book For FREE or Less Than $6?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

So my book BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by K.F. Johnson has been out for a little under 2 months, & I’m always looking for ways to promote it. If your pockets like mine, barely make you a thousandaire, let alone a millionaire, you should try one or all of these 5 tactics:

  1. KDP Select Free Promotions-If you have a ebook on Amazon, you should enroll in the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program which will bind you to only selling your ebook through them on Amazon for 90 days, but it will grant you great exposure. Once you’ve done that, they allow you 5 days (separately or consecutively) to advertise your book for free to readers. This may seem like a bad idea at first, because you don’t make any money while it’s free right? Well that’s true, but what you do is potentially promote your book to thousands of readers, increase your books sales rankings, expose your book on lists of “other books purchased” when people buy books and generate a huge group of people to post reviews that you may not have otherwise had. Additionally, there is typically a spike in paid purchases by readers after the promotional sale because your book is now ranking higher, has more reviews and more exposure.

  2. Pay With A Tweet-If you have a free book promotion going on Amazon, free book samples on your page, excerpts, videos, etc. Use it to entice and promote twitter and facebook users to tweet and share your free product in order to get a free copy of it themselves. It’s a WIN WIN situation. Especially if whatever you’re offering, (like a preview chapter of your book) is free anyway. But now people know how to get it and are enticed to get it simply because it’s free! It also will drive traffic to your website!

  3. Fiverr-You can use this site for anything from editing services to video advertisements for your book or product for the whopping cost of $5. That’s right! These people are offering their services with various guidelines which they individually provide, for $5. You need to get your 2500 word book of poetry edited? Somebody on there will do it for $5 and you can see the reviews of people who have used their services ahead of time!

  4. Windows Live Movie Maker-It’s a free download for your windows program that you can use to make a movie to promote your book or whatever other product you’re promoting. My book BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is for sale on ebook and in paperback, but I’m in the process of making it into an audio book as well. In the meanwhile, I made an audio clip of one chapter, uploaded some pictures to go with the audio clip, and synced it all to make it a movie short that is now for view on youtube, my website, facebook and twitter (Example: Easy advertising for free!

  5. FB Fan Page-(Example: If you are an author, writer, artist, whatever…create a FACEBOOK FAN PAGE to promote yourself and your product. Why? Because all it takes is one “Like” for people to be accepted onto your page, it’s an easy way to gain exposure to people you don’t know and do know, you don’t have to monitor it in order for people to interact with you, and you can keep your personal FB page separate from the advertising and networking necessities on facebook. You can post all of your promotions, networking activities, photos, calendar items, etc. in it and it will also give you statistical information on who, how and in what ways your page is performing. The “Likes” increase your pages popularity and expands your possible reader base with one click!

Good Luck!

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