ISBN-10: 1530942764

ISBN-13: 978-1530942763

A woman scorned is a dangerous woman. Greer Patterson always felt like an outsider. Loathed by her step mother and half siblings as the green-eyed product of her father's interracial affair, she’s never trusted the love of anyone except her father and her husband Michael. Devastated after discovering Michael’s infidelity, Greer murders him and frames his mistress for the deed. Now, Greer is in search of a new love… and nothing better get in her way! 


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ISBN-10: 1522863583

ISBN-13: 978-1522863588

Deadly, sexy and suspenseful personified! Blood is thicker than water but loyalty is rarer than greed. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when the sins of these 4 cousin’s past threaten to destroy the facades they’ve worked so hard to maintain, some of them will do anything to prevent their covers being blown. They say good girls finish last…but when they're bad, they're better!


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ISBN-10: 1500729345

ISBN-13: 978-1500729349

Sex, lies and danger never read so good! The action continues in Liar's Ball as siblings Brenda and Brian Andrews seem to be on the road to happiness with their new found loves, but does anybody in their family ever tell the entire truth? With the introduction of their half-brother Julian into the mix there’s enough scandal and mayhem to spread around.


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ISBN-10: 1478316926

ISBN-13: 978-1478316923

Prepare to submerge yourself in this spicy and entertaining offering by new author K.F. Johnson as Behind Closed Doors takes you on a roller coaster of deceit! Crawl inside the heads of unscrupulous siblings Brian & Brenda Andrews as they take you on a sexy, maniacal and entertaining journey inside the relationships of two siblings who think they know everything but discover everything isn’t what it seems behind closed doors!


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